Lori is originally from Truro, after completing a hairdressing course and working in the field for a couple of years in Truro, she decided to try her hand in the big city. So in 1984 she moved to Dartmouth and started her own hairdressing shop. Although this venture was successful, for a little extra income and a change of pace she took on a couple of part-time shifts, at a then local watering hole, The Hub Tavern on Main Street.

She immediately realized that this was her calling, and hairdressing became her second love. Lori discovered she really enjoyed the social contact, and loved meeting new people. So she changed direction and went to work in the food and beverage industry full time. This turned out to be a great career decision, she has been in the hospitality industry ever since. After the Hub, she worked at Bud’s Pub for several years before marrying and moving to Porter’s Lake. She worked at Porter’s Lake Pub for a bit, and then purchased the Pub with two other partners. After a year there, Lori decided partnering wasn’t for her, so she bought a small restaurant just down the road on Highway 7 in Porter’s Lake, named it McKay’s Restaurant, and has operated a successful family restaurant there for the last 10 years.

McKay’s is where you are greeted with a friendly, caring atmosphere that has been a draw for families, and adventures driving through. Our local seniors also love to pop in to enjoy our traditional classics. Plus if you are a regular don’t be surprised to find your favorite drink choice already on your table. McKay’s is nestled in the heart of Porters Lake, conveniently located.

Lori is very community minded and supports other local businesses and local events. To keep her hand in hairdressing, and to help our senior’s, she also has been doing hair at the Birches one day a week for the past 15 yrs.

In the summer months when Lori is not at the restaurant she can usually be found in her second favorite place, chauffeuring her friends and family around the lake in her pontoon boat.

Lori really loves and appreciates all her customers, and is so happy to be back to greet them after being shut down for 2 ½ months due to Covid-19. Currently the Restaurant is on reduced hours and a smaller menu, but drop in to say hi and enjoy the same delicious homemade food, and friendly service. Your support will help to keep this lovely little family restaurant in business, so it can soon get back to the regular hours and full menu. If you don’t have time to sit and enjoy, there is always take out, so just phone your order in.