The menu is a mix delicious breakfast, that’s served all day. Scrumptious seafood caught locally and homemade desserts!

Salads & Appetizers

Caesar salad
Classic Caesar Salad served with our creamy garlic dressing and Garlic bread $10.25

Mozza Sticks Deep fried until golden brown and served with sour cream. $10.25


 House salad Lettuce tossed with a variety of vegetables served a variety of dressings

Onion Rings Deep fried crispy coated onion rings. $7.99



(all sandwiches served with a side of fries and coleslaw)

Toasted western Egg,ham,and onion on fresh toast. $10.25


 Club House A classic triple decker sandwich made with real white turkey meat. $15.25

Classic BLT
need we say more? $9.75

From the land

Liver with onions
grilled beef liver with onions bacon and gravy $13.99 half order $11.99

Chicken fingers and fries
tender chicken fingers $13.25

Hot Sandwich
choice of turkey or hamburger, between two slices of bread and smothered in gravy served with fries hamburger $13.25 turkey $13.99

Hamburger steak
fresh ground beef smothered in onions and gravy. $13.25 half order $10.25

Chicken Quesadilla Grilled onions, peppers, chicken breast, and cheese in a warm tortilla. Served with side caesar salad, sour cream, and salsa. $15.99

all white meat added $2.50

Hungary man’s poutine
french fries with a layer of hamburger and bacon, covered in cheese and smothered in gravy. $16.99


(all burgers come with fries and coleslaw)

Classic burger
A true quarter pounder on a bun
9.99 Add cheese $1.00 extra

Double burger with cheese
two burgers served with lettuce, bacon, cheese, and tomato $15.99

Traditional chicken burger
crispy and tender chicken smothered in a rich gravy served on a bun $13.25

From the sea

Seafood basket
half basket of clams and half of haddock tips.Note:only available in season ask your server

Clams and chips
When Lori’s plunger is working Fresh breaded clams served with fries, in season only price depends on season ask your server

Pan fried haddock
Lightly served with,with your choice of potato or veggies or coleslaw $14.99

Haddock tips
half basket of clams and half of haddock tips.Note: only available in season ask your server $13.99

Fish and chips
Traditional fish and chips 1 piece $10.75 2 piece $14.25 3 piece $17.25 add fish $4.50 ea.

Fish burger
Pan fried haddock on a bun with lettuce,tomato, cheese,and tartar sauce $12.499

Traditional Breakfast

Single egg breakfast
one egg any style,with your choice of ham,bacon,or sausage. Served with one slice of bread and home fries $

Two egg breakfast
two eggs any style,with your choice of ham,bacon,or sausage. Served with one slice of bread and home fries $12.25

Mixed grill
two eggs any style,ham,bacon,or sausage. Served with one slice of bread and home fries $15.99

Three egg omelet
three egg omelet cooked with your choice of the following ingredients: bacon, ham, sausage, onion, mushrooms, tomato, and cheese. Served with one slice of bread and home fries Up to three toppings $13.25 **With the works. $15.25

Eastern Shore Favorites

Eggs Benedict
English muffin topped with ham, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce, served with home fries. $15.25

Derby Steak & Eggs
A 6-ounce marinated strip loin with two eggs served with toast and home fries. $15.99

Breakfast Skillet
A layer of home fries with your choice of sausage, ham or bacon topped with scrambled eggs, red and green peppers, onions, mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and cheese, served with two slices of toast $16.25

Western Skillet
Home fries layered with scrambled eggs, ham and onions topped with hollandaise sauce and served with toast $13.99

Breakfast Sandwiches & More

Breakfast Sandwich
One fried egg topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo and your choice of ham or bacon on an English muffin served with home fries. $9.25

Toasted Western Sandwich
Egg, ham, and onions on freshly toasted bread. $10.25

Omelet Wrap
3 eggs, peppers, ham, bacon, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, and cheese all wrapped up in a grilled tortilla, served with home fries.

French Toast or Pancakes
Your choice of three slices of French toast with a touch of cinnamon, or a stack of three pancakes with syrup. $9.99

Side Orders Egg-$1.75 Toast- $2.25 Bacon, Sausage or Ham- $4.00 Hollandaise Sauce- $2.25

Beverages Bottled Juice-$2.50 Coffee or Tea- $2.50 Milk- Large $3.00, Small @2.50 Chocolate Milk- Lg. $3.50, Sm. $3.00

Dessert An array of homemade pie Availability and type vary Ask your server

* This is not our full menu , it is temporary during covid